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Since tightening the credential requirements for Quilt Market a few years back, we’ve received no shortage of feedback from exhibitors, attendees, and others in the industry. And while the majority has been positive, and directly correlates to our reasons for the minor credential changes, there has also been some confusion and/or misperceptions regarding the changes and our reasons for enacting them.


So, for this edition of eInsider, we spoke with our very own Bob Ruggiero, Director of Publications and Public Information for Quilts, Inc., and asked that he provide some needed clarification on the matter, including the answer to a question we’ve received often…”Have bloggers been banned from Quilt Market?”


[Spoiler—the answer is no. But read on for more information!]



eINSIDER: Before we get into the specific types of businesses or people who can attend Quilt Market, can you first explain the three types of credentials (or badges) available?


RUGGIERO: Sure! When we revised our credentials to attend Market a couple of years ago, we created two badge categories for easier identification, based on feedback we received.


A Buyers Badge is for shop owners or employees who have the authority to make purchases or place orders with Market exhibitors. An Industry Professional Badge is for those working or active in the industry. People in those categories would enroll for the show and provide credentials through our Enrollment Services.


A Media Badge is for print, video, radio, and online editors, writers, and photographers who are covering Market and its aspects for their audience or subscribers. Topics can include new products, trends, teachers, and general stories about the industry. People in this category enroll for the show and provide credentials through our Publications & Public Information Department.




eINSIDER: The Buyers Badge option is fairly straightforward, but we receive a lot of questions about how someone can qualify for an Industry Professional Badge, and what types of individuals this encompasses. Please elaborate on that, and provide some specific examples.


RUGGIERO:To attend Market as an Industry Professional, one needs to have just two of the five following items: An active website with unique domain name; a tax certificate or business license; a letter of authorization from a Market exhibitor; a work contract or licensing agreement for services; or proof of two industry-related designs published in print, ads, or websites. This category would include (but is not limited to) teachers, longarmers, publishers, sales and marketing reps, video producers, and online creative content providers.




eINSIDER: Members of the media are also eligible to apply for media credentials, provided they are actively covering the show. If they are not covering the show, should they apply for an IP Badge instead? And can you provide some other examples of media members who would be eligible for an IP Badge, but not for media credentials?


RUGGIERO: A detailed explanation of who is eligible for a Media Badge is HERE.


Accredited media should be covering Market as a whole either during the show or for publication afterward, and would need to provide either clippings or links showing this coverage to our Publications and Public Information Department to ensure continued accreditation.


An example of a member of the media who would be more suited for an Industry Professonial Badge would be someone who is there to cover, for example, specific exhibitors with whom they have a business or paid relationship or whose primary goal is promoting themselves or soliciting business for their publication/online platform.




eINSIDER: Since enacting our tightened credential requirements a few years back, we’ve received a mixed reception. Please explain the purpose in our tightening the credentials.


RUGGIERO: We tightened the credentials – but really just slightly – after several years of study and feedback from both our exhibitors and attendees. They felt that there were more and more people coming to the show who shouldn’t necessarily be at wholesale trade show not open to the general public. It was becoming common for quilt shop owners to see their customers on the show floor, or for exhibitors to spend a lot of time with attendees wanting only to purchase single items, but at wholesale prices, or ask for free samples.


And while tightening the credentials did naturally result in a drop in overall attendance, it’s a much more qualified audience and the feedback we’ve received on this has been largely positive.




eINSIDER: What are some of the common misconceptions you’ve heard regarding our new credential requirements? And what are we doing, as a company, to better clarify the requirements and who should be eligible to attend Market?


RUGGIERO: The most common misconception I’ve heard is that Market has “banned” certain groups of people from attending, like bloggers or longarmers, which is absolutely not the case. The majority of people in either of those categories would qualify for an Industry Professional Badge, and many bloggers or online media would qualify for a Media Badge with prior approval.


As a company, we realize that many people at Market wear several different “hats” in the industry, and job duties can cross lines or be fuzzy. I readily admit there has been some confusion surrounding the new credentials and who is and isn’t eligible to attend Quilt Market. To combat that, we have updated and expanded the Credentials information (on both our website and in our publications) to make things clearer. And – of course – if someone has a further question or needs explanation, they are always welcome to contact us directly via phone or email.










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